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David Kennedy Associates has helped several clients achieve exceptional results.  Take a look at the project list and portfolio to get an idea of the work DKA has done.

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"The building acoustics and the sound system, in the complex 9100 seat Worship Center at Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY are incredibly good. David Kennedy had the design responsibility for these systems. Clear, intelligible sound, both for music and speech can be heard in the most remote seat in the house and as well in the nearest seat to the podium. His overall design work has been of the highest quality."

Clark Esser - Construction Manager
Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, Kentucky

"I consider it an honor and privilege to be able to offer this letter. I have known and worked with David for nearly six years. At all times and in every situation he has handles himself in a professional manner. He has always put the clients’ best interest first. David pursues excellence and never takes the easy way out. He has an incredible attention to detail. He is able to gather and analyze data on most any item. David is exceptionally gifted in the area of speaker cluster design and application."

Don Wesner, P.E. - President
Audio Analysts, Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky

"It gives me pleasure to highly recommend David Kennedy to you for the design of acoustics, sound, and media systems for your Church project. David has been a key person in three completed Church projects…He is presently the consultant for acoustics, sound, and media systems for six of my church projects… One of these Churches is the new 9600-seat, $46-million Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, for which he is the team leader…I have found him to be a man of integrity and a high level of knowledge and skill in his field."

David Miller, A.I.A.
Orange, California

"I have had the pleasure of working with David Kennedy on several projects… David has demonstrated competence and imagination, particularly in sound amplification systems design, as well as a keen ear for subtleties of room acoustics. I am pleased to recommend him..."

Ewart A. Wetheril - Principal Consultant
Paoletti Associates
San Francisco, California



"For the past five years, David Kennedy has poured himself into this project. To say that we are pleased with the end result is an understatement. Our biggest question mark in the construction of the 9,100 seat sanctuary was the sound. The comment that we’ve heard over and over again after moving in was how clear and distinct the quality of the sound was from day one! Thanks to David’s diligence, expertise and commitment we can hear the gospel plainly and clearly.

Dave Stone - Associate Preaching Minister & Project Committee Representative
Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, Kentucky

"I would like to recommend Mr. David Kennedy for any type of public address in church or public gatherings… Mr. Kennedy has great expertise in his knowledge of sound, its cures, and the equipment to create desired results"

Rev. Ralph Scott - Senior Pastor
Church of the Nazarene
Garden Grove, California

"David has done an outstanding job of solving many acoustical and public address related problems in our sanctuary. His work is neat, orderly and of the highest quality. I deeply appreciate his sensitivity to what the church is all about. So many sound technicians are geared to other situations and are completely lost when it comes to church applications. I highly commend him for helping me give out the Word of God."

Dr. Bruce Melton - Senior Pastor
Central Baptist
Huntington Beach, California

"Thanks for the fine job you did on our sound system. The equipment is excellent and will serve us well in the years to come. Please feel free to use us as a reference if you so desire."

Rev. Gregory Bryant - Senior Pastor
1st Assembly of God
Apple Valley, California



"David Kennedy is very knowledgeable about sound equipment and is up on the latest technology ... Even though we are a small church with a limited budget, David was able to work within that budget and we got an outstanding sounding system that fits our needs ... David is easy to work with, and with all the experience and knowledge he has, was able to help us make the right decisions on our sound system"

Bruce Melville
A/V system operator and church council member
Oakview Baptist Church

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend David Kennedy as a sound consultant. His expertise was evident in this area, and he was a fountain of information. David possesses the unique ability to explain his ideas clearly and in layman’s terms. It was truly an education and a delight to work with him."

David Sarkisian - Music Director
St. Anthony of Padua Church
Fresno, California

"I have personally known David for over ten years and would highly recommend him for consulting, design and installation of sound systems. Because of the unique gymatorium style of our auditorium in both acoustics and configuration, David had to build a custom designed cluster. His technical abilities and quality of service were superb. It was a great success and serves our needs well…"

Dan Burch - Music Dept. Chairman
Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College
San Dimas, California

"I have summarized the acoustic study, and how we will implement your suggestions at our new gymnasium/ auditorium. I am pleased by the combination of quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation you have provided for the many acoustic options that have been considered,.. we have used the results of your acoustic and noise control study to identify high value solutions. I have enjoyed working with you on this project. Thank you for a good job."

Steven J. Polcyn – Building Chairman
Crossroads Christian Church
Corona, California

"We are very pleased with the professional help given us…your prices were reasonable and your assistance was invaluable. I would recommend you on any major modification or new sound system, especially if it is a large system that is very involved. ‘He will do it right’"

Jim Sharp - Chairman Sound Dept.
1st Baptist Church
Garden Grove, California




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